This is a small taster of my work.  I hope you like what you see here and I hope you’ll get a chance to see it in real life, in a cathedral near you.

My focus is on creating powerful images on a large scale together with fine detail and intimacy through the stitched line.  I usually use dyes, vibrant silks, metallic leathers and gold leaf.

My Christian faith is the creative trigger in most of my work.  I aim to create beautiful panels for everyone’s enjoyment.  My work is designed to catch the eye and set you thinking.

All the exhibitions are created thanks to the many friends who support the work financially. If you’d like to contribute that would be great.


Jacqui was born in Manchester, lived for most of her adult life in London until 2008, and now lives in Devon. She set up the Lantern Arts Centre in Wimbledon and taught drama in Kingston. The action-packed storytelling and large visual impact of immense sets can still be seen in her textiles.

Jacqui now principally works in textiles – on a large scale suitable for cathedrals and other large spaces – and she is always open for changes in direction!

Threads through Creation

Threads through Revelation

Tree of Life + Open Heaven

Threads through the Cross

Work in progress