Commissions & Workshops


Jacqui does one or two private commissions each year. If you would like to commission a piece, Jacqui would be delighted to hear from you. Examples of Jacqui’s commissions are pictured on this page.

She also has a range of items available at her online shop. These include large and small framed textile pieces, hand-stitched cards and books. Simply click on the ‘Shop’ from the options above.

Cornwall: Angel and Dragon.

St Martin’s Parish Church in Liskeard commissioned Jacqui for a design for a glass screen, as part of a major refurbishment. Completed in 2018, the design has been sandblasted onto the glass. The screen, in front of the War Memorial Chapel, creates a new space linking the old and new. Jacqui’s design imagines the battle in the heavens from the vision described in the book of Revelation.

Cornwall: Saint Martin and the Beggar

A design for entrance doors, St Martin’s Parish Church, Liskeard. Finished in 2021.

Affirmation and encouragement

1.5m x 1.5m | Finished 2021
Panel for Salvation Army ‘Ashbrook House’, Edinburgh

Celebrating the Seasons

1m x 60cm

Panel for a private home. The four seasons celebrated in stitching.

Spain: Pilgrim’s Way Panel

1.6 x 90cm | Finished 2020
A panel for a café on the Way to Santiago in Spain. Vivid colours and patterns resonate and – hopefully – rejuvenate footsore pilgrims!


As an experienced teacher, Jacqui can help groups and school classes to be very creative, and to produce results all can be proud of. She has led sessions in primary and secondary schools, combining art, stitching and drama.

Devon: Schools Workshops — Street Banners

A set of banners for Cullompton town celebrations. Jacqui took workshops in four primary schools, and made selections from the huge variety of images and patterns the children created. From these she worked out a series of designs that retain the charm, naivete and fun of the children’s original work.

Devon and Dorset: Schools Workshops — Art and Christianity

A series of sessions in primary schools based on ‘Threads through Revelation’. The children enjoyed an exploration of The Throne Room (Revelation 4) – they particularly liked the four living creatures who all have eyes all over and six wings! They produced spectacular mobiles.