Threads through Creation

‘Threads through Creation’ is a spectacular sequence of twelve huge textile panels. It’s an exuberant retelling of the creation story in the book of Genesis, a retelling which many visitors will find both moving and breathtaking. Viewers are treated to a wonderful variety of colours, shapes, patterns – and of course lots of creatures!

The exhibition is one of the largest textile projects by a single artist, ever. It has taken Jacqui nearly three years. It follows on from ‘Threads through Revelation’, her first huge exhibition which visited 14 cathedrals from 2016 to 2018, and was seen by more than 500,000 visitors.

An extensive tour of cathedrals is being planned from 2021 to 2024.


19th January to 3rd March – SHEFFIELD CATHEDRAL
6th March to 14th April – BLACKBURN CATHEDRAL
17th April to 2nd June – LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL
5th June to 17th July – LEOMINSTER PRIORY
20th July to 26th August – SOUTHWARK CATHEDRAL – LONDON
29th August to 6th October – SHERBORNE ABBEY
10th October to 23rd November – HEXHAM ABBEY

‘Behind the Scenes’

… a free PDF

There’s a detailed book about Threads through Creation  is available from the online shop.  it explains the thinking behind it: lots of details about the ideas and making. 240 pages with wonderful full colour photos – cost £20.

Now many people have asked about even more detail about the making, so we’ve put together a 24 page PDF that’s of particular interest to those who stitch.

To get the free download of ‘Behind the scenes…’, simply click the link below

Threads for Schools’

…a free PDF

We’ve put together in a 30 page pdf that provides a range of material for primary and secondary school teachers and home schoolers. It can be useful whether or not you go and see the exhibition. Yours free to download – simply click the link below

“Entirely as we had expected, Threads through Creation is a triumph. We estimate about 19,000 visitors so far, and we have had some wonderful conversations – Salisbury Cathedral”

“Today I visited Threads of Creation with my wee grandson Finn (3). What a moving experience! so accessible for us both. We came away with both your books and a bunch of postcards.”

“Such a wonderful experience yet again. I think what struck me most how you depicted The Creator’s excitement bubbling up, the phenomenal ideas, just sheer excitement! All very mind blowing, so thank you very much.”

“I had the pleasure of coming across your beautiful work. I am not religious but I did find the exhibition very inspiring. Such a colourful and detailed interpretation of the biblical story. The word stunning is so often used inappropriately but in this case I can truly say I found each panel stunning. “

“I am not at all capable of embroidery or anything like it but do appreciate your interpretation, use of colour, texture and incredible imagination.”

Thank you so much for providing such a fabulous exhibition – it has been much enjoyed by visitors, staff and volunteers, and we can’t wait for the next one!