Introducing Jacqui's work

Jacqui's work catches the eye and challenges the mind.
It's all about putting ideas into action, exploiting many materials and techniques in order to get a message across.

She uses a powerful graphic instinct together with the intimacy of the hand-stitched line to create work that feels highly spontaneous, very lively, moving and thoroughly engaging.


Her Christian faith underpins all her art. She often includes words, sometimes precise extracts from the bible, or words that sum up ideas and feelings to form part of a graphic narrative and to draw the viewer in.

Typically, her pieces have great impact from a distance;
they engage the viewer, then encourage close inspection and contemplation. You can enjoy the big picture and the
tiny detail.


In 2013, inspired by Chagall's large paintings on the bible, Jacqui embarked upon a very large project based on the book of Revelation. Each of the 14 panels are about 3 metres high and one to three metres wide. She enjoyed tackling new subject material, such as seven headed dragons, angels and six-winged creatures covered all over with eyes. All very challenging!

It is a very large display and is touring cathedrals now - Jacqui welcomes invitations from any venue with a suitable large space and significant footfall.

Jacqui was helped, by some very generous backers, to complete this work - thank you! She is now looking for further sponsorship to tour the exhibition to cathedrals and for her future work!

If you would like further information about sponsoring the tour of Threads through Revelation or having it on display please visit Revelation Threads. If you would like to consider sponsoring future work then please email Jacqui at


Workshops and group work.

As an experienced teacher, Jacqui can help groups and school classes to be very creative and to produce results which all can be proud of.

Schools Workshops — Art and History

Projects in 2014 have included sessions in primary and secondary schools in conjunction with her exhibition at Devon Guild of Craftsmen, 'Love, Loss and Laundries'. These workshops combined art, stitching and drama to see children learning and empathizing with a community of girls from around 1890s. The art books which came out of the workshops became a much admired part of the exhibition.

Cullompton School 2
Cullompton School 1





Schools Workshops — Street Banners

To coincide with town celebrations, Jacqui was invited to create a set of banners for the high street in Cullompton. She took workshops in four primary schools and made selections from the huge variety of images and patterns the children had created. From these she worked out a series of designs which retain the charm, naiveté and fun of the children's original work.

Banners for Cullompton High Street, 2014

banner 1
banner 2

Schools Workshops — Art and Christianity

Recent projects include a series of sessions in primary based on 'Threads through Revelation'. Here the children enjoyed an exploration of The Throne Room in the fourth chapter of Revelation - they particularly liked the four living creatures who all have eyes all over and six wings! They produced spectacular mobiles which make the scene three dimensional.

Jacqui Parkinson
children's workshop