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Jacqui Parkinson Textile Artist

Welcome to my website. This is a taster of my work, I hope you like it. But web pages are only a pale imitation of the real thing!

Tree of Life and Open Heaven touring

Jacqui will be touring a smaller textile exhibition Tree of Life with an amazing installation Open Heaven from the autumn of 2019. Tree of Life consists of 3 huge stitched panels on a subject that runs though the bible. Many of us remember the story of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis at the start of the bible, when Adam and Eve bit into a piece of forbidden fruit. But there was another tree in the Garden of Eden - the Tree of Life - and it’s found again at the very end of the bible in a great promise of a new heaven and a new earth! And Jacqui has reimagined the cross as the Tree of Life as Jesus dies to offer life. So she depicts the Big Story of the tree in three key scenes, beautifully and dramatically through astonishing stitching.

It’s not often we are face to face with a Messiah! Jacqui’s Open Heaven is very different but again very dramatic and thought provoking. An installation - a kind of sculpture - a visual statement. It’s based on a huge rope ladder that reaches from the floor of the cathedral to the heights of the cathedral representing the connection between earth and heaven and between us and God. And low down on the rope ladder visitors stand face to face with a life size figure; a cast of a real young man in his thirties. Here is Jesus, hanging on the ladder, reaching out to everyone. Jesus: the one who totally connects earth to heaven and the Father to men and women.


Exhibition Dates

• 12 Aug - 26 Sept 2020: Guildford Cathedral

• 29 Sept - 1 Nov 2020: Ripon Cathedral

• 4 Nov - 13 Dec 2020: Peterborough Cathedral